Our Dogs – Laity

Searlait or “Laity” is also a French import from Des Secrets D’ Une Reine who’s pedigree speaks for itself.  She is a lady in every way and fits right in with our family.  

She is a beauty in the field that works with her own style and elegance.  She is methodical about her business and every move seems to have intention behind it.  She shows great patience when on birds and has a ton of natural ability, not only for pointing and holding birds, but also for backing other dogs.  

In the house she is our quiet, gentle girl.  She is perfectly fine curling up on her bed by the fire, but when given the opportunity will never pass up a cuddle session.  She is extremely caring of the other dogs and puppies in the house and definitely plays the role of the mother figure.  

She possesses all the tools and we can’t wait for her to show the world what she is and will become.